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Message From Hon'ble VC

Prof. Dinesh Chandra Rai

One among the premier colleges among B.R.A.Bihar University, Muzaffarpur, and Ram Sewak Singh Mahila College, Sitamarhi College . learning and a holistic approach towards grooming the students. Popularly known as RSS Mahila College, Sitamarhi made a very modest start. This premier center of higher education in the Northern part of Bihar was established in the year 1968.

Leadership: As the top executive of the college, the chancellor provides strategic leadership and direction. They set the long-term vision and goals for the institution, guiding it towards academic excellence, innovation, and growth.

Advocacy and Representation: Chancellors often serve as the public face and advocate for the college. They represent the institution in dealings with government agencies, industry partners, donors, and the wider community. Building strong relationships and partnerships is crucial for the college's success.

Academic Excellence: Chancellors are committed to upholding academic quality and excellence. They support faculty development, research initiatives, and educational innovation to enhance the college's reputation and impact.

Student Success: Chancellors prioritize student success and well-being. They advocate for resources and programs that support student retention, graduation rates, and overall academic achievement. Creating a supportive and inclusive campus culture is essential for fostering student growth and development.

Community Impact: Chancellors understand the significance of the college's role within the broader community. They seek opportunities for community engagement, service-learning, and outreach initiatives that address local needs and contribute to social and economic development.